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 DroppingTravel Tool

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PostSubject: DroppingTravel Tool   DroppingTravel Tool I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 6:25 am

added a marketlogging function

it logs all the items you see in shops while activted, enter a
path+filename for saving and enable the checkbox for scanning while
looking at shops when you are done uncheck the box (Data will be saved
when unckecking it)
It shouldnt be activated while doing something else.

About saving: if you take for example "c:\marketlogs\mylog.log" as
savefile data will be logged "c:\marketlogs\Servername_mylog.log" so
every different server get its own logfile.

The idea behind it that you can do with the right tool an enhanced
marketdata anaylsis on prices, availibitilies etc.

Atm i dont plan to make such a tool for analysing the data, but everyone
can feel free to make one based on the data this provided.

It is saved as cvs means every line is 1 item and each param is
seperated by a , the structure is the following:

marketshopid, itemid, uniqueitemid,socket1,socket2,+x,price in gold,
price in cp, datetime

marketshopid - this is like the name says the id of the shop this will
be same as long the shop exist if a player cancle shop and make a new
shop this change too

itemid - this is the itemid for the itemtype.dat

uniqueitemid - every item has its own unique id this is the same as long
the item exist

socket1 - this is the first socket it is 0 if socket dont exist its 255
if socket exist but no gem is in it, if something other is in it its
identify the gem, the identify works over the last 2 numbers of the gem
for example in the socket is a normal fury gem (id of it is 700021) then
the socket1 number would be 21

socket2 - same as socket1 just for the 2nd socket

+x - is just the + value as +1 +2 +3 or 0 for no +

price in gold - selfexplaining

price in cp - selfexplaing

1 will be 0 and the other over 0 matters in what currency it is sold

datetime - it is the saving time normally you should do a marketscan and
then save it so the time will be just being some mins from the real
seeing time i think that doesnt matter


-protection added for itemdropping you wont drop any items while moving
to prevent botjail


-add new experimental feature autotravel you can record a route and jump
it then via click

while recording you should only jump because the travelfunction is meant
for jumping if you walk it will jump small steps then later. While
starting a travel you must only be near the first location (where you
started recording) not on the exact location

and as said it is experimental feature it can bug and stop bevore
finishing the route so take care.

i tested successfully route like tc->ac, tc -> pc and some other
it shouldnt be a problem to take portals.

i am using atm for loading/saving dialogboxes while they are open the
game freezes to avoid disconnects just be fast.

-added multiclient support if you use the dll you dont need anymore a
patched exe or another tool for it

P.S. if you already use this you only need to change the co.dll nothing


-added a zoomhack with activating it you can zoom out way more than
usual, also you can change the zoomfactor, it uses the normal co

if already in use it is enough to just overwrite the co.dll nothing
other changed.

P.S. For all the scanners using now another madcodehook dll reduced
the warning a little bit DroppingTravel Tool Wink

The tool does atm nothing else then dropping items you defined, more
will come maybe in the future.

First off it works with multiple clients but dont allow itself to start
more than 2 clients atm was too lazy till now to get the offset for the
checkroutine, if someone have it feel free to give it and i add it asap
it should work with a patched exe which allow multiclients.

Steps to get it working:

1. Extract it
2. Change the coloader.lnk to fit your needs (the "" is a must at the
end) i wont explain how todo that there are enough descs in the forum
which describe it.
3. Use the link to start the game after you are logged in you can open
and close the option window with "ctrl+r"

To add items just choose the method how you want to add items for

via bagitem: gives you a list of items in your bags to easily add them
via itemname: you can enter the itemname (attention with that option it
will drop all variants of that item)
via itemid: you have to enter the itemid (you can get itemids from the

data entered with method1 must match itemid and itemname or it wont be
drop, method2 only the name, method3 only the itemid.

Attention itemid will normally difference between elite,super etc but it
wont difference +1/socket items (didnt check till now where it is saved
if a item is a +x item or a socket item (if someone know which of the
info in the iteminfos is it feel free to tell me))

The other fields are pretty selfexplaining.

Download HERE: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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DroppingTravel Tool
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