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 DB Devil MAP

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PostSubject: DB Devil MAP   Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:44 am

This is the the mab for the DragonBall WaterDevil ( it has the name ,
and the same size.. but it Hits Physically and Got high Defense and
Magic Defense )

Date :

-It Appears after the server Maintenance by 6 hours in Island (1) in one
of the places.

-It Appears again, after 11:30 hours from killing it , in Island (2)

-It Appears Again, After 12:30 hours From Killing it, In Island (3)

-The Last Time, Appears after 12:00 Hours From killing it, In Island (4)

-4 DragonBalls in two days , and you should
wait till the next server maintenance to re-kill the DragonBall

Thanks For Reading
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DB Devil MAP
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