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 Board rules + Signature rules

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PostSubject: Board rules + Signature rules   Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:05 am

Dead Super Botters Users!

Here with the board-administration wants to point out this forum's rules for you in order to prevent chaos and to ensure a peaceful atmosphere between members.

We ask you to pay attention to these rules and also to follow them. Otherwise the board's staff will have to take measures to prevent you from violating rules which means infractions and in the worst case bans.

We also want to give you some additional information for special cases which occur from time to time.

Let's start:


* be nice / friendly
* try to be helpful
* if you got problems with some members DON'T flame
* if a relatively new member did something wrong, please direct him to these rules and/or report the rule-violating post by clicking on this icon without insulting/flaming him
* if you have a question you don't want to post on the forum, feel free to PM a moderator; he will do his best to help you


* if you post files which include trojans / keyloggers etc you definitely will get banned instantly
* if you flame / insult other members you will get an infraction
* if you post a question in a release section (which is marked with [NO QUESTIONS]) you get a warning / infraction (if it was your first time you'll get a warning , if you continue doing this you'll get an infraction)
* referrer links are forbidden; if you post one it will be considered spam and will end up in an infraction
* advertising without a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden and will be punished with an infraction (warning if it's for the first time)
* Advertising similar sites to elitepvpers is forbidden and will result in a ban (it doesn't matter if you've put a backlink on that site).
* Advertising your own forum hosted at a free-forum provider is not allowed.
* if you post racist comments, you will receive an infraction (a ban in harder cases)
* Baiting other members is forbidden, if you have a problem with another member please use our complaint forum to solve the conflict.
* if you want to spam, go to the offtopic and post there, but remember that even the off-topic is not a unlegislated area! Spamming in other areas will end up in infractions / warnings
* posting warez is forbidden, the violation of this rule usually leads to an infracton for the first time and a ban if you continue; requesting warez also is not allowed, if you do so you'll get an infraction
* doubleposting, or pushing up really old topics is not allowed and ends up in an infraction / a warning
* posting pornopraphic content (no matter what your definition of pornographic content is) will be punished with an infraction and in harder cases a ban
* using any avatar/signature/usertitle which could make members think you are a member of the staff though you are not, is forbidden and is to be punished with an infraction or in harder cases a ban
* abusing your avatar to add fake or custom ranks/badges isn't allowed
* abusing the thanks-system is prohibited; you are not allowed to sell or buy thanks from another member, only give thanks for useful posts!
* if you have 3 active infraction-points you will receive a ban


* width : not wider than the post signature table width
* hight : not higher than 200px
* size : not larger than 300kb
* amount : 2 images, but these combined may not be bigger than 300x200 (e.g. 2 banners with the size of 150x100)
* no links to infected files
* no insulting content
* no racist contents
* no pornographic content
* no referral links (exceptions so far are: MyBrute-Links, Pokeplushies-Links [and their likes])
* no advertising links without a link back to elitepvpers
* not too much text

Alright, that's it. If you pay attention to these rules everything will be fine and a good atmosphere is garantueed.

Did i help you?-Press mine + at the right corner up and i will press your + !
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Board rules + Signature rules
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