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 WoW: Personal Information to be Displayed on Official Forums

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PostSubject: WoW: Personal Information to be Displayed on Official Forums   Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:21 am

Today Blizzard announced some highly controversial changes to the
format of the Official Forums. Players will post using their
RealID account (as usual) however the actual name attached to the
account will be displayed alongside a character name.

This is a controversial proposal for obvious reasons; many players
don't want their real name shared with everyone that reads a thread
they post in. In this day and age someone's name can be used to find
out a massive amount of information using just basic searches. Do you
really want people finding out where you live due to information
displayed when you post on a video game forum? - English Forums -> Update: Upcoming Changes to Forums

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WoW: Personal Information to be Displayed on Official Forums
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