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 Selling account on metin2 us [OFFICIAL]

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PostSubject: Selling account on metin2 us [OFFICIAL]   Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:41 pm

Metin2 US account for sale.

Selling level 52 warrior Metin2 US z8games. Free Kingdom. P HS full gear all gear with stats lvl 42 DSP with stats and AC+5 and Haste +4 2 sets of ee+9 full stats 2 IH 1 full stats other 3 stats shoes full stats RIB +9 27 DMG, 10%crit, 6INT, MOB+ Death +4 sheild full stats. This account is pure pvm it can kill lvl 90 metins in around 4.5min it can kill bosses, ninetails, queen spider, giant desert tortoise, Flame king all without polly on horse. all quest done its on Lin quest lvl 50 1 or 2 keepsakes left i think. account comes with 16kk gold and AC+5 (45kk), haste+5 (30kk) mob +5(25kk) in the account you can sell. lvl 21 horse. P hs, M8 WW, M2 beserk. Comes with mage LVL 54 both married thogether her skills are enchant damage M6 and Dragon sheild M6, leadership M2. Please leave offers if you need any screen shots ask below.
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Selling account on metin2 us [OFFICIAL]
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