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 [Guide]Change EXpBall Rates!

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[Guide]Change EXpBall Rates! Empty
PostSubject: [Guide]Change EXpBall Rates!   [Guide]Change EXpBall Rates! I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 23, 2010 4:38 am

Alot of ppl asking for this and I didn't see it anywhere else so I'll show you how it's done.

To change the amount of exp gained by an EXPBall at different levels go
to Character.cs press ctrl+f and search for public uint ExpBallExp
You should see the following


public uint ExpBallExp
if (Level < 30)
return (uint)(15000 + Level * 430);
else if (Level < 50)
return (uint)(40000 + Level * 430);
else if (Level < 80)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 500);
else if (Level < 80)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 600);
else if (Level < 100)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 700);
else if (Level < 110)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 900);
else if (Level < 120)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 1100);
else if (Level < 125)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 1500);
else if (Level < 130)
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 1000);
return (uint)(30000 + Level * 1000);

Red = EXP Recieved
Blue = Level

The higher you set the red numbers, the more exp you will get.
Don't fuck them up too much though, you wouldn't want to recieve more exp at 130 than 120. lol
To change rates of PowerEXPBalls go to Character.cs and search for public uint PEBExp and do the same thing.
Press thanks if I helped. Enjoy!

Edit: I think this MIGHT be in the 5165 FAQ but it's starting to get
rediculous and I'm sure a lot of ppl would agree that there's too many
pages to search through. Mods, please leave this thread alone as it
will help alot of people and stop the same question from being asked
500 more times.

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[Guide]Change EXpBall Rates! Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide]Change EXpBall Rates!   [Guide]Change EXpBall Rates! I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 11:17 pm

[Guide]Change EXpBall Rates! Lol >,,<....Nice men:)
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[Guide]Change EXpBall Rates!
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