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 Auto Reconnect V 1.0 BETA

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Auto Reconnect V 1.0 BETA Empty
PostSubject: Auto Reconnect V 1.0 BETA   Auto Reconnect V 1.0 BETA I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 6:18 am

How to use:

[Only at first startup]
1) Delete your old reconnectconfig.ini (if available)
2) Go to the LOGIN-SCREEN of your Conquer-Client (the tool wont
work otherwise)
3) Start the Tool switch to the Misc tab and press 'Scan!'

o Reconnect after xx minutes <--// Your client will reconnect after
that time (+/- 30 seconds due ban-protection)
o Reconnect instantly <--// Your client will reconnect instantly (High risk that you will be send to bot-jail)

o Close Client after xx disconnects <--// If you checked this your
client won't reconnect after xx d/c's (Actually it won't close your

o Restart mining after xx seconds <--// If you checked this the mouse
will rightclick in the center of your CO window after xx seconds

The list shows up all opened Conquer clients that you have actually
The 'Reset!' Button is needed after you opened/closed any conquer
clients (Thats important!) or if you want to
reset the list of clients wich wont reconnect.
The 'Scan!' Button is only needed at the first-startup
Mark a client from the list and press 'Add!' to set this client as
'dont-reconnect-after-d/c'-Client. (You can add as many clients as you
o Check for disconnected Clients every 5 minutes <--// If you mark
this the Tool checks for d/c'ed clients every 5 minutes (independently
from the normal algorithm)

Run/Stop! <--// Will start/stop the tool (Please check the label at
the buttom left to see if the Tool is running)
Exit <--// Will close the Tool

Help <--// Not available right now
About <--// Shows up a Box with some Informations

I will add a Help next week.
Important: Write me a PM or reply in this
thread if you found a bug because this will be the LAST Version (unless
this get pinned)

- V1.3 BETA

Do not reconnect after xx disconnect's

You can add more then 1 client wich wont reconnect after d/c
2 Tabs are shifted to the new menu
New Layout

- V1.2 (286 Downloads)

Maximum reconnect attempts for each client
Reconnect instantly checkbox
Unlimited reconnect attempts checkbox
You can choose a client from a list now wich wont reconnect after d/c
You can open and close clients now (but dont forget to press the
"Reset!" Button)

Download HERE: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Auto Reconnect V 1.0 BETA
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